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Our journey begins in a small village in Patrica, Lazio.  We bring our traditions and trades to Allentown, Pittsburgh where we present our passion for food and discipline for technique.  We represent all the things in life that are most important to us, and that are often faded away, like the smoke plumes billowing from our river banks.  It’s all about celebrating our lives with family through exceptional food, wine, and exemplary service.  Enjoy the fine cuisine and entertainment inspired by the Burzese family with our fully homemade and scratch Italian dishes.  An award winning wine list and craft inspired cocktails are complimented by the depression era décor, reminding us of the men who built these buildings. My father taught me lessons I teach my sons; honor, respect, tradition, 100 years to the family.

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Was to Alla Famiglia last Friday for the first time in a while. As usual the food was awesome. Everything we had was superb. The big difference this time was the wine! They've really upped their game in this area. For years I used to think it was sad that such an amazing restaurant had such a mediocre wine list. Happily, that is no longer the case. Their Sommelier, Robert, gave us a tour of their wine room and also gave some excellent advice. We started with a very fruit forward and delicious bottle of Amarone and ended with a great California Cab, Continuum. Between the wonderful food, wine and service we had a tremendous time. Hopefully we'll be back soon. Thank you Alla Famiglia!

Don Brown
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