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Alla Famiglia in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Alla Famiglia in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Chef at Alla Famiglia puts a special touch, ingredients into Italian restaurant’s sumptuous meal
Article by China Millman from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Alla Famiglia, a refined, expensive Italian restaurant, is something of an oddity on gritty East Warrington Avenue in Allentown. Only the rare visitor stumbles across the restaurant. For most, it is a planned destination.

The ambience is defined by the open kitchen, a gleaming copper hood running almost the length of the restaurant. Near the entrance, bowls of prepped ingredients — brightly colored vegetables in various states of dress — are a gorgeous display and an ingenious space-saving measure. Decor is a touch rococo, a Venetian mask here, a black and white photo there. Wing-like fans reminiscent of a Jules Verne story hover overhead.

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