marinara sauce


The mother sauce, where it all pretty much begins, but does not end. Pear shaped tomatoes from volcanic soil near around Mt. Vesuvius. Our buyers select every batch of tomatoes according to strict guidelines of color, shape, and natural residual sugars. The result is the start of a fantastic gravy. Sweet basil, garlic, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil completes this sauce which is delicious all by itself, but can also be used in numerous recipes.
vodka sauce


Every guest that has had the pleasure of dining at Alla Famiglia will be graced with the privilege of enjoying a bowl of Alla vodka Maccheroni as their ‘primo corso’ We start with the mother marinara, add farm fresh 40% heavy cream, Russian vodka, and a pinch of sugar. You will find this to be a silky, balanced, and a well constructed sauce with just the right amount of sweet and tang.
diavolo sauce


Inspired by one of our most popular antipasti, mussels diavolo. Mostly all of our guests take the sauce home when there is not a single mussel left in the bowl. Hey, maybe we should jar this? We start by sautéing hot banana peppers in our extra virgin olive oil. Deglaze with vegetable stock, adding marinara, Reggiano and sheep’s milk Romano. The secret to the velvety profile is real whole butter at the very end.
bolognese sauce


Inspired while traveling through the countryside of Umbria. Somewhere in between Todi and Orvieto. This culinary marvel is in a class of its own. Beef, pork, and veal trimmings are house ground and rendered. Bloomed with fresh farm milk and white wine from the region. A mire poix of onions, celery and carrots and herbs are then sweated in. The sauce is then simmered for hours before it is sent to the canning room.
extra virgin olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cold Pressed and Un-filtered - This Olive Oil is created by using a variety of olives which continue to retain their green color and decidedly fruity taste. These olives are naturally cold pressed and not subjected to any sort of chemical process. The best way to appreciate this oil is to use it on raw dishes such as salads, crudos, carpaccio’s and any other types of drizzling for finishing. Also, lightly sautéing vegetables and seasoning pasta’s on low heat to prevent this highly raw tannic oil from scorching. We use this very same oil in all of our restaurants and is of superior in quality.
olio del diavolo

Devil Oil Chili Oil

It’s a simple recipe, really – top-quality chilis and best olive oil we could source. But, like all things, the real devil is in the details. We tried chilis from all around the world to find the perfect mix of heat and flavor that you’ll want to use again and again. You might not think it’s healthy to obsess this much over two ingredients. But once you taste our Olio Del Diavolo, you’ll be glad we did.