Our Story

Alla Famiglia was started in the year 1997. Another fine Italian restaurant created from the mind of David Ayn. At that time, it was a fine compliment to the highly acclaimed Davio of Beechview. In 2005, Ayn approached a young and ambitious chef Jonathan Vlasic to purchase the 8 table restaurant from him. Mr. Vlasic was a perfect fit to receive the baton and move the restaurant into a new future. Alla Famiglia has evolved into a restaurant which is a representation of the years of formal culinary training of Mr.Vlasic and also from his grandparents, mother and aunts of Roman and Emilia descent. The result was an eatery of superior quality with disciplined technique, vivid imagination, and passion for perfection. Through the next 14 years, the restaurant evolves, expands and stretches its footprint to accommodate its increasing popularity and growing demand of its clientele. Every year has posed and brought new challenges, and Alla Famiglia has met each one with every expansion. In 2014, Mr. Vlasic decides to purchase the property adjacent to the restaurant and bring his vision to a full circle. “Il Teatro” is born in the winter of 2017. The early 20th century movie theater is now reinvented into its original depression art deco era décor for Alla Famiglia guests to enjoy. We are committed to consistently delivering the highest quality Italian food with stellar and friendly service for more decades to come. On behalf of our loyal and dedicated staff, we would like to thank you for choosing Alla Famiglia and hope you enjoy your dining experience!

Buon San Valentino!